Whatev' (in no particular order)

 A motherload of pictures:

A snowy day in Pullman.  This year we really embraced and enjoyed winter on the Palouse.  It has only taken me 8 years.
Seth did hockey this year.  2 hours every tuesday, wednesay and if there wasn't a game, Saturday as well.  -- Tournaments ranged from 1-3 days and anywhere between 3-5 games.  We went to Cdl twice (stayed in a hotel on one trip), Lewiston once (hotel stay), Pullman held a tournament and McCall idaho was the last tournament of the season -- We had to take the kids out of school on Friday to make that one! Friday-Sunday four games.

I did all of the traveling with Seth except on the last game Jeff, Levi and Raya joined us.  Levi joined Seth and I on our last CdL trip.

Levi (pounce cub) + Raya (go-cougs)

MVP! MVP! -- This was Seth's second mvp of the season.  He really earned it on this last game, amazing assists, great defense, and a last second goal to end the game, -- I think I will always have a clear memory of that game.

First year we skated on Sunnyside pond!  Raya was the only girl out of a dozen or so boys.

Levi took skating lessons... (he is soooo cute)
  Random cute pic of Seth

I've done a lot of metal stamping.  I made 40+ pieces in December (I stopped keeping track)

 Raya loves yoga.  She was given yoga cards for Christmas and it is her most used present.

Nina turned 5... and we went to a superhero party: 

We had thanksgiving at home this year.
Cheese cake pie, oh my.  Oreo crust, cheese cake, mousse and gnash.

 Raya is awesome.  She said she was going to the "Muscle Store" and this is what she brought back:
 Raya did a session of gymnastics and loved it.
Raya and Levi have continued doing swimming lessons... Raya is a Frog and Levi is a seahorse.  They are both amazing swimmers!!!

I cut Levi's hair (SOB)
 A hike to Kamiak Butte... but... didn't make it to the top do to ice.  Hurry spring!

Raya showing me her "booty" moves.  This girl.  Raya was showing Seth her booty moves, and Seth said that "booty move #1" (yes she has up to 5 booty moves she has numbered) was inappropriate.

Same day, I pick up Levi from Montessori... the kids and I are in the van, I ask "Who wants pizza and chocolate milk for dinner!?"  Seth: "No, I want to eat something healthy!" This kid.
 I don't know if I posted these... ? We took the kids to the WA-ID symphony Christmas concert

 And afterwards look at the lights in Lewiston

 Raya's first time on ice skates!
 She preferred sliding on her shoes though.
 Cute Levi, in his cute Montessori Christmas carols

Seth turns 7!!
 Love this old alley

 More sledding
 Pullman sunsets:

Lovely Sunday

I love Sundays.

Sundays are family days.  Relaxing, wonderful family days (and Jeff typically cooks).

Hook at the theater.
Hike at Kamiak Butte
Cookies baked
Dinner on the grill
Settlers of Catan jr.
and all the kids playing violin before bed. 

Love my family.


I shudder to think about catching up on this blog. -- But a couple milestones this week:

Levi (5) is now at seahourse level in swimming.  He swam 200 yards (2 football fields) at his last swim lesson.  I was amazed.

At Seth's parent-teacher conference I learned that Seth is in the 99th percentile in everything and with a 100% in his spelling quizzes to boot.

that is all.


Oh, ... I guess Jeff can be mentioned too!  He gave his first talk at a conference tonight. And the school has been wining and dining him all week. I am glad Jeff has found a field that feeds him so well.

Walden, our fish died,  yesterday.  The kids were so heartbroken (well... maybe not Levi as much).  Raya took the loss pretty hard, and broke into periodic sobs throughout the day.